Worldmap by Visscher 1664


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Title: ‘ Orbis Terrarum Tabula Recens Emendata Et In Lucem Edita Per N. Visscher’ .  By Nicolaas J. Visscher from 1663. Handcoloured world map in 2 hemispheres, with two small polar hemispheres (upper and lower centre) depicting the solar system. The upper circle with the sun as centre (Copernicus), the lower circle with the earth as centre (Ptolemy). The corners of the map with 4 allegorical figures depicting the continents.  The east of Brazil is on the western hemisphere, California is depicted as an island and of Australia just a part of it is drawn.

Size: 30 x47 cm

Technique: Engraving , coloured with later hand

Condition: Very good, with wide margins. Verso : Dutch text ‘ Korte Beschryvinge van de Landtschappen des Werelts….’ .Visible folds as published

Published in bible by P.A. Van Ravesteyn, 1664

Litt. : Shirley 431. Poortman/Augusteijn 118


VAT: Margingoods


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