Portugese Ports in Asia and Africa


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Title: "Calechut Celeberimum Indiæ Emporium. ", "Ormus", "Canonor", & " S. Georgii opid Mina"

Braun & Hogenberg. Frans Hogenberg & Simon Novellanus` Calicut, Ormuz, Kannur & the fort of St George, Elmina in Ghana "Calechut Celeberimum Indiæ Emporium. ", "Ormus", "Canonor", & " S. Georgii opid Mina". Cologne Theodori Graminæi. 1572
Four contemporary handcoloured  views of Portuguese ports and trading cities in India and Africa from the first volume of Braun & Hogenberg's "Civitas Orbis Terrarum. " Latin text to verso. First state.
The views are of Calicut in South West India, Ormuz on the Straits of Hormuz, : Kannur in Kerala, India; and the Portuguese fort of St George at Mina, now Elmina in Ghana.
From  "Civitas Orbis Terrarum" by Georg Braun and Frans Hogenberg.

Size: 31.5cm by 46.5cm
Verso: Latin

VAT: Margingoods


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