Europe as a queen


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Title: ‘ Europa volgens de nieuwste verdeeling’ . By Francois Bohn, Haarlem, 1794. Engraved allegorical map with contemporary hand colouring. Old folds as published. 

Size: 25 x 18 cm 

Condition: Very good

This allegorical map shows Europe as a regal queen, but this anti-Napoleonic image demotes Europe from a virgin queen to a homely middle aged housewife. The figure is superimposed over a map that includes a surprising amount of detail. Spain and Portugal comprise her head, Italy is her left arm, stirring with her right arm (Corsica and Sardinia) in a pot (Sicily). Her scarf forms the British Isles, and the rest of the continent is encompassed in her flowing dress ( Ref. Mercator’s World , IV, 1 (The Female Landscape)

VAT: Margingoods


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